12 Animals Slots

12 Animals Slots

The new game by Amaya, 12 Animals Slots, is quite similar to the popular Candy Crush game, and the slot machine is full of features that will make you want to play. These features include a wild symbol, scatters, and a bonus game.

Yin-Yang symbols serve as scatters

The 12 Animals slot machine by Nucleus Gaming has great graphics and features that stand out. This Chinese folklore-themed online slot takes players to a village in the mountains. It offers a 750k coin jackpot and 30 fixed paylines. There are also classic bonus features, including a Free Spins round and a bonus feature with a wild symbol.

One of the main reasons why this game stands out is its brilliant animations. Another reason is its high volatility level. In fact, this game can be very challenging at times.

Players can choose to play for a maximum bet of $150 per spin. Alternatively, they can play for a minimum of $0.02, allowing them to start with a lower wager.

The background of the 12 Animals Slots changes with the seasons. Each of the Chinese zodiac animals represents a different season. For instance, the Golden Rooster is a spring animal, the White Cat a summer animal, and the Red Rooster is a fall animal.

The background is also connected to a wheel on the bottom left hand side of the reels. This wheel indicates which of the animals is currently the golden one. Whenever the wheel stops on an animal, that is the new golden one. If the animal appears stacked on the reels, it is possible for the block to create a combo that awards a multiplier.

When the animal appears on the circle, it pays ten times more than regular payouts. The Silver and Bronze animals also pay a multiplier. These two are worth twice as much, and the Gold Lion pays a 2x multiplier.

All of these features add up to a very rewarding and interesting experience. Besides the big cash prize, 12 Animals has many other surprises.

Whether you are a fan of Chinese folklore or not, you are sure to find something you like in this game. Although it may take some time to master, the reward is well worth the effort.

Nucleus Gaming has created a wonderful slot with beautiful graphics, high volatility, and plenty of extra features to keep the action going.

Full moon wild symbol

If you are looking for a game with plenty of cash, and exciting gameplay, look no further than 12 Animals Slots. It offers excellent graphics, big cash prizes, and a number of original bonus features. The slot has a unique and interesting atmosphere that makes it stand out from the crowd.

With 12 Animals, players are transported to a Chinese village that is filled with red paper lanterns and pointed roofs. Each animal is represented by a zodiac symbol, and the background changes to reflect the cycle of seasons. You can try to line up as many identical zodiac animals as possible to maximize your rewards.

A Wolf howling at the moon symbol appears on Reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This symbol substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter. When a scatter appears, it can trigger additional bonuses.

When a full moon scatter appears, it will trigger the Mirror Reels Free Spins Bonus round. Three extra re-spins will be triggered, and all full moon symbols will stick to the reels during the re-spins. Any wins from the re-spins will be multiplied by the total bet.

The bonus feature is a card-based guessing game. Guessing the color of the card will double your winnings.

There are also three other free spins features. When you match 3 or more Yin-Yang symbols, you can unlock up to 20 free spins. These free spins have an 8x multiplier. During free spins, blocks of identical animals will release extra multipliers.

For a chance to win big, you can activate the random full moons. If you get the right guess, a random full moon will fall on a certain spin. Activating the full moons will boost your high-paying symbols into wilds.

12 Animals Slots is one of the most challenging slots out there. Although it does have an impressive amount of cash prizes, the gameplay can be quite complicated at times. However, it does have some classic bonus features that make it fun to play. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gambler, you will find it a great game to enjoy.

Bonus games

12 Animals Slots is an online slot machine that features a Chinese zodiac theme. This is a good game to play if you are looking for a unique experience. It is a great choice for ambitious players because of its challenging gameplay and big cash prizes.

The game’s background changes when you spin the reels. It follows the four seasons of the year, with each animal sign representing one of the seasons. You can also trigger a bonus prize of 50,000 credits when a winning combination contains a wild symbol.

In addition to its impressive graphics and great soundtrack, the 12 Animals Slots has an exciting game mechanic. After 30 rounds, the background of the game changes to depict the cycle of seasons. During this period, the Yin and Yang symbols act as Scatters, triggering free spins. There are also multipliers that can be won by blocks of identical animals.

As a bonus, you can activate a bet-free respin if a winning combination is matched. Additionally, you can win a top prize of 750,000 credits.

For players who like to play slots for real money, 12 Animals has a good chance of generating a jackpot. This is because it has a bet-max button. Also, the game’s UI is user-friendly. Players can also choose the betlines they want to play.

When playing 12 Animals Slots, you’ll also find a lot of other surprises. There are Free Spins, Super Free Spins, and Sticky Wins. Plus, you can play it on mobile devices at the same time.

Another great thing about this slot is its high volatility. Depending on your bet, you can win as much as $250,000. Unlike most slot games, the 12 Animals offers you a better chance of landing a jackpot.

The Chinese zodiac is a source of inspiration for developers of slot games. It is a cultural tradition that guides billions of people around the world. Therefore, it makes sense that the creators of this game used this as their source of inspiration. They also made use of the oriental horoscope to create the game’s symbols.

Similarity to Candy Crush

A popular puzzle game, Candy Crush, has spawned a number of imitators in the Android and iOS App Stores. Although these games differ in a variety of ways, they all share similarities. They all start out easy, but get harder and harder as the player progresses.

Some players argue that Candy Crush is not a copycat, while others say the similarities are cosmetic. However, the creator of the game, King Interactive, has legal grounds to go after any game that may be based on its concept. If the company is able to get a patent, it could sue the software developer for creating a similar game. While this would be costly, it could potentially prevent other game developers from using their concepts in the future.

The game’s icon features the word “candy.” In the game, you play a match-3 game, where you have to swap positions of three identical candy symbols. The objective is to align three matching candy symbols to unlock new levels. This is done by bringing a specific number of ingredient symbols to the bottom of the game matrix. Players are allowed a set number of moves before the time runs out. It is also possible to purchase extra moves for a small amount of money.

Another feature of the game is the ‘near-miss’ scenario. These are the results of a player’s attempt to win the game, but fall short of the goal. In the classic scenario, two high-paying symbols match on the first two reels, but a third matching symbol stops either before or after the pay line. As a result, the player receives a large skin conductance response. Combined with the long PRPs and small SCRs, this is seen as a signature of reward-induced arousal.

Compared to other mobile game makers, King is not a AAA studio, and it does not hedge bets by developing one title and then taking out a license on all of its derivatives. Rather, it has developed a portfolio of games based on a variety of themes.

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