Cool wolf


Cool Wolf is an exciting, fast and fun slot machine game set in 1950s America where werewolves, cheerleaders and geeky heroes are just some of the characters you will encounter! Spin the reels for silly funny good guy and his crazy alter ego, the cool wolf in college! These are all just one of the many exciting slots you can enjoy from top to bottom in this casino game that is sure to make you forget all your worries! If luck is on your side, this could be a one of your best gambling experiences ever. But if not, this one is definitely worth a miss.

The reels for this casino game are colorful with fun icons such as the potato head potato, the smiling potato, the winking potato, the football, the happy potato and the scary potato. When you choose to play the game, choose the character you want to bet on, spin the reels and get ready for some fun. You can either bet small amounts or even bet huge amounts as long as you win the jackpot after the allotted time! These fun icons that are spread all over the playing area will definitely give you the chills just by seeing them.

To play this amazing game, you must collect all the coins that are in the casino before the start of the game. Once you have all the coins, you can start off by choosing the character you want to bet on, then place your bet and wait for the character to appear on the screen then choose the action you want to perform to appear on the screen then, spin the reels, and enjoy your cool wolf video slot! To get to know the other players in the game better, you can visit their websites and read about them and how they are doing in the World Wide Web. If you want to become a super jackpot winner, then collect as many coins as you can while enjoying your cool video slot game!

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