Fortune pig


The Fortune Pig is just one of many East Asian themed slot machines to receive a boost in popularity in late 2021 due to the change to a new Chinese year of the Goat. With the bright red and gold color scheme, which are standard for slot machine designers going for the Chinese New Year market, it touches all the other basic visual cues: the golden square shaped coins, large red money boxes and an old-world imperial ceiling pattern. In fact, one look at the design makes you feel as if you are actually in China.

If you want to experience the full effect of this design, make sure that you get the right machine. Although most of them use the same type of coins (not that they don’t all look similar), not all of them are created equal. Some machines will be able to give you a better line-up of free spins and Fortune Pig slot machines can give you more free spins than others. Getting the right machine can help you maximize your winnings and maybe just save you a little bit of money!

To find the best luck with the Chinese new year slot machines, look for ones that offer single or multiple line spins. On the single reel, a single red coin will often do the trick. You should be able to easily distinguish a single red line from a series of red lines. When you play on the multiple line version, you need to pay close attention to the paylines. Paylines such as “hit” or “block” usually indicate that reel is being used to play that particular machine.

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