Lunaris slots is actually one of the newer WMS giant reels; a long time old favorite of those who are avid gamblers. It is one of those games that when you play it, you have to really pay attention not only to how the reels work but also to the various strategies you can use against your opponents. In essence, the way the game works, is just like many of the other existing WMS slot reels, but the visual appeal and the added features are all completely different. Basically, the main characteristic about the game is the ambience it creates, the way it really makes you feel. When you are looking at the layout, you will notice that there are some things that are left out, which is part of the design plan for the game. These include the icons for bonus icons and coins, but you won’t see the reels themselves.

One of the special features of Lunaris slot machine is the icons that it uses. You can find a variety of them on the screen and they really do add a nice graphical touch to the reels. There are a couple of them that feature what looks like a cross symbol; these are called the wild symbols. Wild symbols appear randomly when you place your reels on the reel, and they do have an impact on the outcome of the game. Some players find that the icons can make the game easier, while others find that it takes away from the overall experience.

Another feature of Lunaris that makes it a unique slot machine is the random number generators. The way that this works is that each time you place your reels on the reel, a number is chosen. When you stop playing and wait until you turn your reels off, the number that is picked has another random chance to appear, giving you a better chance at getting big wins with your reels. As you can see, there are many different Lunaris slot machine special features that will allow you to get more big wins, but keep in mind that these are just options and not guarantees that you will get big wins, you have to expect the luck factor to be involved.

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